What we basically mean by web hosting

The hosting of websites on the managed server of an internet service provider. Maybe you are planning to create an internet presence, but do not have the opportunity to ask this in the internet, because you lack the server. Here we can help you, because we put our resources to make your own homepage on the Internet to publish. Primarily, these resources relate to the provision of a so-called Web server and a host.

We have compiled various web hosting services, which differ in their benefits. So we have, for example, for simple sites a web hosting offer for only € 2, – per month, in which you have included all the basic skills required of such a web server. This offer is primarily aimed at individuals who wish to be represented on the Internet, but also to smaller clubs and organizations.

For something larger and more complex sites, we recommend our range 2 that already contains everything you need for a professional website. The monthly cost is in this case to 3.50 euros. This offer is aimed primarily at professionals and companies that will be very satisfied with the services of this web hosting Pact.

This package contains two .de domains included, the same is true for the script language support, up to 100 sub-domains and much more.